Release Notes

0.19 0.19.0

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Pre-releases (-rc-0.*) have newer features, and are less stable.


  • More dynamic shape preparation
  • Distributed interface factored out
  • fp16 and bfloat16 types
  • codegen execution parameterized by context
  • NodeMap, NodeVector, ParameterVector, ResultVector now vectors
    • node_vector.hpp replaced by node.hpp
    • op/parameter_vector.hpp replaced by op/parameter.hpp
    • op/result_vector.hpp replaced by op/result.hpp
  • Additional ONNX ops
  • Add graph visualization tools to doc
  • Update doxygen to be friendlier to frontends


nGraph v0.18.1

  • Python formatting issue
  • mkl-dnn work-around
  • Event tracing improvements
  • Gaussian error function
  • Begin tracking framework node names
  • ONNX quantization
  • More fusions

nGraph v0.17.0-rc.0

  • Allow negative padding in more places
  • Add code generation for some quantized ops
  • Preliminary dynamic shape support
  • initial distributed ops

Recent API Changes

  • Pad op takes CoordinateDiff instead of Shape pad values to allow for negative padding.

nGraph v0.16.0-rc.3

  • NodeInput and NodeOutput classes prepare for simplifications of Node
  • Test improvements
  • Additional quantization ops
  • Performance improvements
  • Fix memory leak
  • Concat optimization
  • Doc updates